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    Mr. Keller, how could you...


      How could you leave AMD? Finally, Zen is on the horizon, and Intel's total defeat is at hand,    and you leave.


      You were our last hope; The great architect of lightning transport and K8. You were supposed to take us to the simultaneous multithreading promised lands.  And you left.


      I pray that this is another Intel deception, and that you are still active at the AMD mansion, working on perfecting the probably greatest x86 architecture ever.

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          Jim is chasing the next great challenge just as he did when he left AMD after the K8 was done. Great minds need constant challenges. AMD is set to roll out Zen in a variety of different forms which will please many. Intel's reported death however is premature. As long as AMD continues to deliver quality products at affordable prices, in a timely manner, consumers win. AMD is still lacking in execution as Zen should have been selling to consumers from the beginning of 2015, IMO. When consumers are unable to even buy a Carrizo A10-8700P powered laptop without heavy throttling of the APU, this explains why AMD's sales continue to decline. Until AMD gets these basic issues resolved they will continue to struggle financially. Zen can't fix AMD's fab or execution issues.

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            Most reports state that the Zen design is complete, if not already taped out. Large teams are devoted to products like this. One man is unlikely to make-or-break a product. That said, I'm grateful for his contributions during the roughly 3 years he was back at AMD, and wish him well.