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AMD 390 and 390x tdr crashing Windows 10 poor me

Question asked by kingfish on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2015 by kingfish

Some will read this and understand that they are using a brand new operating system that is still evolving. It is not perfect yet. I have posted the link to Micro$oft's special Windows 10 gaming forum, but don't know how many have taken the time to read some of the posts and Micro$oft's response. Not many, I would bet.

These errors you are experiencing are not AMD exclusive. It happens with all (supported) graphics cards. Happy? No? Is it too big a stretch to imagine it is caused by the operating system? If so, is Micro$oft aware of it? What is their response? Here is a page from the official Windows 10 gaming issue forum. Notice that almost every graphics card is Nvidia. Not that that matters. Haters will still hate.


Video TDR Failure Windows 10 - Microsoft Community