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AMD drivers makes win 7 crash on log in

Question asked by ribow on Sep 18, 2015

Hello! I will try be short as i did a hell of things and didnt helped.

Problem apears 2 days agon 'display drivers stop responding".Restarted pc,on win 10 log in blue screen apears.

So I log in safe mode uninstal drivers and downloaded new from AMD.Made a clean and full install.The problem still there.Tried older version,new version.even programms that download drivers for you.Nothing.

So I end up to formated my win 10 and made a clean install of win 7.Installing manually(and not by windows update) all drivers from official web sites.When it came to amd drivers the same thing happened,

blue screen on win 7 log in.Then i follow solution from AMD and tried install 'Omega" drivers in Safe Mode but that didnt worked ,drivers just wouldnt be installed in safe mode.

I have and ACER ASPIRE 7750G the only upgrade those years is an SSD 120Gb.

Graphic card is 6600m-6700m AMD radeon. SNID 13221842516.Any help would be apreciated as I cant find anything in web and my only solution is for a new card and definitly different brand.