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gpu load 100% when idle and game not responding amd radeon hd 6370m

Question asked by frizee on Sep 18, 2015
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i had problem with my GPU, i have a laptop with switchable graphic when i assign high performance mode in catalyst control my game won't launch just stop responding so i have to kill it with task manager but not when i assign power saving it run normaly.... so i decide to check it with some GPU tester like GPU-Z and MSI afterburner........apparently there is strange behaviour, my gpu usage is 100 % even if im not playing game .... when i kill the app in task manager, afterburner indicator showing 0 % gpu usage and then spikes up again to 99 % and so on...... updating it gain no luck ..... and sometime i get an error display driver amd stopped responding and succesfully recovered......... pease help i need my gpu runs normaly so i can used for rendering 3d.