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not sure about my graphics AMD card

Question asked by aggelianna on Sep 17, 2015
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Hi. im new user with computers and with laptops. i bought one for my work and for my son to play a few games but i cant find my graphics card. a friend told me that i have amd from the sticker so i came here and download the automatically detect. my problem is that it says that "we were unable to find a driver for your system" and suggests to download the "standar VGA graphics Adapter. i leave in greece, and the site that i bought the laptop is :

LENOVO ESSENTIAL G510 59-415873 15.6'' INTEL CORE I7-4700MQ 4GB 1TB AMD RADEON R7 M265 FREE DOS - and there it says that my card is AMD Radein R7 M265 2GB RAM.

why the autodetect cant find it? and what can i do to have my card drivers up to date? thank you for your time.