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Windows 7/10 Boot up Fail/Corruption With AMD Catalyst?

Question asked by mario3232 on Sep 17, 2015

Hi, i just bought a new computer and it was working fine untell windows 10 didn't want to boot up ( was after installing amd catalyst/ the components and drivers it wanted me to get) im using an AMD R9 390X card on my 990FXA Gigabyte motherboard with a AMD FX-8320 Processor and 16gb of ram and a 600watt powersupply ( i know the power supply is low going to get an 800watt today) after windows 10 basicly would not boot up at all except in safe mode i reset everything and installed windows 7 and it was working fine as well....untell I downloaded and installed AMD Catalyst for windows 7 64-bit for the R9 300 series once it was done and said it needed to restart the computer, on boot up it went to a black screen then the monitor (using DVI-D by the way) said it has no signal and is going to sleep but the computer, keyboard, and mouse were still on. I was able to get Windows 7 to work again by restoring to a restore point before i installed AMD Catalyst and the drivers as well as Windows 10 ( now using duel boot so i can have windows 7 and 10 just in case) and everything seems fine for now. Im gonna hold off on installing amd catalyst or anything else besides windows updates tell i can figure out whats wrong with my $1300 computer I just got.


Is this really because of AMD Catalyst downloading something that messes windows up? is it because of the power supply being only 600watt? (just the R9 390X requires a min of 600watt's) or is this most likely a component failing/braking?




- Bought a 850W powersupply and the computer seems to working so far however i need the drivers installed from catalyst so after getting Windows updated ill try AMD Catalyst to see if it makes windows 7 fail to boot up.

-Have not installed a game to see if it will crash with a black screen of death yet.


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