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Windows 10 won't play movies (black movie player when playing movies)

Question asked by matei.miron on Sep 17, 2015
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Recently performed a clean install W10 prof. 64 bit and experiencing the following problem:


Video Card: ATI Radeon HD LE: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650


Whenever I try to play a movie (youtube) using Edge player screen region stays black but the sound plays through.

Whenever I try to play a video file from the harddrive using Movies & TV or Media Player i get the following error message:

Can't play. Choose something else to play. This item is in a format we don't support 0xc1010103 (0xc1010103)

For testing purposes the video I'm trying to play was downloaded from the DivX webpage.

I can play without problems youtube videos using Chrome.



If I uninstall the video driver (Device manager -> Right click on the video card -> Uninstall) The default windows driver is automatically placed in.

With that default windows driver I can play both the DivX movie and youtube content using Edge. But this driver is the generic windows driver (limited resolution).


I must say that after a lot of searching I didn't figure out how to download ANY other ATI drivers except the LATEST version.

Managed to find a driver history page but it seems that only the LINUX drives are listed.

I could use some help in finding the official ATI page with a driver archive (please!)


Until now I tried the following options:


- Install driver + Catalyst 15.7.1

- Install driver + Catalyst 15.8 Beta

- Install just the driver 15.201.1151.0 (21 - August - 2015) without installing the Catalyst software pack

- Let Windows 10 search for whichever driver he enjoys installing (Installs a video driver from early August around 03 - 05 2015 and installs Catalyst 2015.0803.1559.26924)

- Install the latest drivers for windows 7 64 bit.


None of these options made the Video file play correctly in the player!

Some commercials in youtube first throw an error then the player's screen flickers and then they play correctly. After the commercial end there is no video in the Youtube player. Audio plays correctly



For the youtube videos I found a workaround: If the hardware acceleration is disabled (Internet options -> Advanced tab -> Accelerated graphics and check the box Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering) then the video plays correctly.


Looking for advices

Thank you,