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I have problems with updating drivers on R7 Hp pavilion . Its my second laptop with AMD CPU and GPU..... And im going to hate this brand... I lost 2 hour of installing drivers and still i cant change my brightness. All goes wrong when i install win 10 lat

Question asked by petar_hp on Sep 16, 2015

This video card give me only problems.... In the begining i was with win 8.1 and latest drivers... So i update to "OMEGA" but nothing changes.... Games like CS 1.6 are still laggy and cant reach 100fps ... I GOT A10- Quad COre 2.9ghz and 2gb R7 video but this is not working ! I try win 10 to be more faster.... but again nothing changes. Now i got new updates of driver but when i install them my brightness go crazy and i cant open catalyst manager... My card work well and again not too good, work only with AMD-Catalyst-Omega-14.12-Without-DOTNet45-Win8.1-64bit, when install 15. all goes wrong. Try to do something thats all s()its and im going to hate amd. I dont speak about the temperatures,,,  i cant use my laptop as a hot plate because is always hot and trust me its not from the dust....