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FX-8320 is increasing its own voltage and overheating

Question asked by burtannia on Sep 16, 2015

I have been using an FX-8320 for a few years now and a while back I had a problem where when rendering videos my PC would crash. I discovered that this was due to the core voltage increasing itself mid-render and thus overheating the CPU. I set the core voltage in the BIOS to 1.280v and this seemed to fix the problem. However, it is now happening again. My CPU is fine whilst idle or doing other low intensity tasks however, when it comes to rendering videos the core voltage will jump to over 1.4v at around 70% into the video render and the temperature then jumps to around 80 degrees C when normally it is around 50 whilst rendering. I have attached screenshots of CPUID CPU-Z and Core temp whilst my CPU is idle, whilst rendering a video but before the voltage spike and during the voltage spike.


Any help would be much appreciated so that I can get back to uploading videos ASAP.