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AMD Display drivers makes some games crash

Question asked by luismb on Sep 16, 2015

Since one month ago, while playing a racing game called iRacing (only with that game), sometimes I get this error:


"AMD Display drivers stopped working and have recovered"


Just before that, the image freezes and the game crashes. I have an AMD FX6300 and a MSI R9 280X. I checked the temperatures, they are below 60ºC all time (both CPU and GPU), and also highered a bit the available votlage for the GPU. I was using the newest drivers (Catalyst 15.7.1), uninstalled them and installed an older version, 14.12, but I still get that error.


This started happening from one day to another, I was using the same drivers with all the same settings for like 1 month but suddenly this error started showing up sometimes while playing iRacing. It doesn't happen while playing other more graphic demanding games, only in iRacing.


My power supply isn't a very good one, a 500W Aerocool GT500S, that I've read that those PSUs aren't very good for gaming. Also, some people told me that 500W weren't enaugh for my system. It could be the cause, but the fact that it only happens with iRacing and not with other games confuses me.


Can anyone help me?