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    ASUS P9X79 crossfire problems[SOLVED]


      My setup

      ASUS P9X79 Intel X79 Soket 2011 DDR3 2400MHz (O.C.) SATA 3.0 Usb 3.0

      SAPPHIRE R9 290 TRI-X, 4 GB, PCIExp, DDR5, 512 bit, 1000/5200

      EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 1300W 80+ GOLD

      Windows 7 64 bit with sp1


      So i added one more of the same graphics card. Thought it would be easy like plug n' play but couldn't make it work.


      What i've done till now.

      -The card is installed and the power is connected, the fans are turning i checked.

      -Tried both the cards on the top slot, they work fine alone

      -Updated BIOS to the latest version

      -Uninstalled and installed graphics card driver with display driver uninstaller

      -On the windows device manager or gpu-z second graphics card is not shown


      I don't know what i'm missing. I'm pretty sure there must be a setting on the BIOS but the menus are really simple and i couldn't see an option. Tried to change the PCI link speed to GEN1, GEN2, GEN3, nothing happened.


      Any ideas?

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          If someone as stupid as me experiences the same problem, it was the cable connected to the PSU. As i inserted it properly everything went smooth, it was as easy as plug n play. I don't know how the fan was turning without power before but i really don't care as i'm relaxed solving the problem after a long day.

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