R Package for Access to Compute Libraries

Discussion created by quadrivio on Sep 16, 2015
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Topic: AMD Compute Libraries


Hi. I'm a developer interested in easier access to the GPU compute libraries via the R programming language. (I've got a Radeon R9 280 that I'd like to use to improve the performance of statistical and scientific computations.)


I've made a start with an R package in development (available at quadrivio/multiblas · GitHub ) that wraps the clBLAS gemm function (general matrix multiplication) and allows it to be called from R. I've put up installation instructions and timing results here: Quadrivio: R Interface to clBLAS Matrix Multiplication .


Right now, it works for me on the R9 280 (and an old AMD HD 5770) but I'd like to get to feedback from others who might be interested, and who use different GPUs. If I get encouragement, I'll continue development on this. I've also been working on OpenCL access via R.