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amd 6750 does not detect monitor thru thunderbolt doc

Question asked by dspiegl on Sep 15, 2015

I have had no end of problems with the latest amd 6750 boot camp driver.  My external monitor is connected via the displayport on my thunderbolt dock.  When the amd driver is installed, I am unable to see the ethernet cable in the dock - says 'ethernet unplugged'.  But when I uninstall the amd driver, it works fine.  That's 1 issue.  The other is that periodically I cannot see the external 'second' monitor.  Whether it is thru the thunderbolt dock or connected directly. 


I have uninstalled, clean up uninstall, and re-installed the driver twice.  Tried the one that apple has on it's website too - no luck.  Anybody else resolve this issue?