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FirePro W7100 Overheating while gaming

Question asked by wallcrawler on Sep 15, 2015

Hi, My FirePro W7100 recently hit a temperature of 105C and I think at one point was at 108C while playing Elder Scrolls Online.

I'm extremely concerned as to whether or not this has damaged the card. I've only found a few posts regarding this card being known to overheat.

I mainly use it for Maya and Photoshop related work. I just purchased it about a month or two ago and it has never reached beyond 80C while doing

my usual graphics related work.

Could this mean it's faulty or that I have damaged it now?

I'm very nervous about this as I'm in the middle of doing demo reel work and very dependent upon this card to say the least.

I'm hoping I can still play a couple of games with it on the side too.