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    Windows 10 drivers stuttering r9 295x2


      I am finding the two latest drivers including the beta for windows 10 are causing stuttering and brief pauses in games.


      I am trying Skyrim at the moment, which has been installed fresh, as well as Windows 10 itself.


      My system is a new build.


      I7 6700k

      Asus maximus viii

      16gb at 2400

      R9 295x2

      Windows 10 fully up to date.


      The game performs so much worse than in Windows 8.1. The game stutters and freezes constantly and has frame rate drops during those stutters.


      The game has never performed as good as with my gtx680ftw in the same system but the latest amd drivers are not performing well in windows 10 for me especially in Skyrim. At present it is not playable due to the stutters and freezes. That is both with and without crossfire.


      The graphics drivers were installed properly as suggested by amd and every motherboard driver is the latest and up to date.


      I have tried different settings in game and also different settings in the ccc nothing changes how the game performs.