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Minimum Radeon HD Graphics card for full Flash video compatibility?

Question asked by gus81 on Sep 15, 2015

Hi, I'm building a low end Home Theater PC for playing video, and in the past, I've used the Radeon HD 4550, but it's not totally compatible with all flash video of certain resolution sizes(e.g. or websites that embed Brightcove's flash-based video player into them such as the Live With Kelly & Michael website). I understand this problem is due to framesize limitations involving h.264 video decoding on the Radeon HD 4000 series since Flash video depends on h.264 hardware decoding for full quality playback. I was wondering what is the minimum Radeon HD graphics card at this point for full flash compatibility especially for websites like or with Brightcove's flash-based video player.) Would it be the Radeon HD 5450?