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OpenCL - Crashes Premiere Pro CC caused by amdocl64.dll

Question asked by tarzanhbk on Sep 15, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2015 by lolycarol

So my Adobe Premiere Pro CC crashes everytime since i upgraded to windows 10 when i drag something in the timeline. I did some research at the Adobe forum and found the solution to delete the amdocl64.dll from the windows32 folder. Before that i tried everything to reinstall everything but nothing worked. So i had to delete it to get Premiere running without OpenCL, witch is very sad.

I´m using a R9 290 and the newest Catalyst Software 15.7.1.


The Problem here is definitly the Catalyst Software, because it writes the "not-working" amdocl64.dll file during installation.


So is there a fix for that? Does someone else have the same experience with that? Or do you have the same card and your OpenCL is working fine?


let me know pls!