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15.7.1 drivers windows 10 black screen

Question asked by stevethegil on Sep 15, 2015

So many similar problems but not the same.


A desktop PC I have has the R9 290 graphics card install. It was not mine originally. It became mine for some work I did. It Had Windows 8 on. I wanted clean install and knew Windows 10 was on the way. Installed Windows 8 that was OEM from a company that built it for the ex owner. No problem, I  left like that until last week went to upgrade. No upgrade path from 8 so next stop Windows 8.1 free upgrade. No problems there. 8.1 fully updated and ready for Windows 10. Graphic card working no problems. Windows 10 is where problem started. Could not use the USB drive that I made to update many PC's. Had trouble with the product key (OEM) and could not skip and install. Had to use the download through Windows Update. Once running I have had black screens that require restarts. Again I blamed Windows and the upgrade. My feeling is it may be residual drivers/old registry entries. Seeing Windows 10 had been installed on the PC I went for a clean install that according to articles I read would work. I had a Product Key problems again. I blame Microsoft for the Product Key problems. So start again 8 / 8.1 / 10. Are you imagining how much time I have wasted? Only with Windows 10 did I get black screens. Black screens did not always happen at a regular time. I got machine up and disabled the ULPS in registry to no avail.


Finally I came to conclusion that during upgrade I had always (as recommended) instructed setup to get updates. Thus installing AMD drivers for video card. Through Programs and Features I removed all AMD drivers and no more black screens running native Windows display driver (forget their precise name) they have very limited function. Hoping to get AMD driver back on I used amd cleanup utility and Driver Cleaner to make sure no remnants. Downloaded the latest 15.7.1 package from AMD direct and installed. Back to black screens again. Remove all AMD software as before and no black screens. I let Windows Update install drivers for the card and back to having black screens. AMD 15.7.1 drivers = black screens requiring restart. Windows default display drivers = no black screens. Can you see why I think drivers = crap? They are the only ones written for Windows 10, aren't they?


I have 2 other R9 2xx series card on Windows 7 PC's and this experience is
driving me to a point where I could throw them all in the bin and never buy AMD again. Any answer appreciated to get what is not a low spec machine function with the graphics card and Windows 10.


A DXdiag  file is attached