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multiple display windows 10

Question asked by duralumin on Sep 14, 2015

I've been using multi display and eyefinity setup using 3 X 19 inch display.

Previously, they were powered by a Radeon HD 5870. Cable setup were 3 DVIs (1 is using Active DP to DVI adapter).

Driver was Catalyst 12.10 on WIndows 7 Ultimate. It was absolutely flawless until i get updated to Windows 10 Pro.

After the windows update (Catalyst 15.7), multi monitor is available only for 2 displays using DVI connection.

The one with DP Active Adapter was not detected in windows settings and Catalyst.

One last attempt made by upgrading my card to R9 280X but the problem still exist.

The only solution i've found is rolling back my driver to Catalyst 12.10.

Are there any available solution to this?

Thanks in advance.