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HD5670 duplicate display tearing problem

Question asked by bbb on Sep 14, 2015



I have a HD5670 and when I'm watching videos, I duplicate my monitor display onto my HDTV which is connected via HDMI.


I was previously using XP with the 12.8 driver and both displays were 100% free of tearing. I also have Linux on my PC, and again, both screens are 100% of tearing.


So, I've just added Windows 7 64 bit onto my PC also, and I'm getting terrible tearing on both screens when using the 15.7 or 15.8 beta driver, which is was a great disappointment.


After some searching, I found the suggestion to make the HDTV the primary display instead of the monitor. This has helped slightly in that the tear now appears right near the bottom (last few lines) of the HDTV, and about half way down the monitor (which I can live with).




- Given that I can still access XP, is there any use information I can get from there which would help me fix things in Windows 7?


- I also read that the cause is 'timing clocks', and that downgrading to 12.3 or below will fix the problem. Does anyone have any thoughts on that?


- Can anyone suggest any setting I can try, please? I've got 'Enforce smooth video playback' and 'Apply current video quality settings to Internet video' checked, btw. And I've already tried reducing the colour depth, messing with the Vertical Refresh and Triple Buffering settings and probably a lot of other stuff, but none of it helped.


I realise I could just have the HDTV enabled, or maybe use extended desktop instead of duplicated etc., but I like the way I had it working in XP, and I feel I ought to be able to make it work in Windows 7 too.


Many thanks,