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Displayport daisy-chained monitors do not wake properly from sleep FirePro5100

Question asked by rickyagodich on Sep 14, 2015

I have recently updated my system (Windows 10, (new) FirePro5100 w/ version 15.200.1062.1004 drivers) with a pair of DELL monitors that support MST - daisy-chaining on Displayport. The monitors are set up correctly to pass the signal through for a nice extended desktop without a mess of cables.


When initially set up, and when booting from cold, it works fine.


However, if I put the system to sleep and wake from sleep, the second monitor does not revive. DELL support claims this is a problem with the drivers not sending the correct signal to revive the monitors. The argument I have that it is a monitor problem is that if I turn of both monitors while the system is asleep, then back on, they both come on properly when I wake it.


Any advice or suggestions to get this working (including a driver update, or suggestion of an earlier driver to roll back to for testing) appreciated.