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AMD Radeon HD R9 270 2GB GDDR5- driver questions

Question asked by joez on Sep 14, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by joez

OK, I got this card with my Dell XPS 8700 last fall. It works great- but, I have had MS update problems- which in some cases may be due to an outdated driver for this card- which I have not updated since I got it in Oct. of 2014.


The problem I've seen now several times with MS updates is- after updating, and the system starts up again, I notice that under the Dell logo- the circle of dots is rotating very, very, very slow- then when the Start screen (W8.1) comes up- everything is happening very, very, very slow. I got out of this once by doing a MS system restore. But, months later- even that didn't work and I had to do a full disk restore with Acronis True Image.


So, today I was in a computer service shop and mentioned this problem- the tech suggested updating the video card driver.


But, I don't have a clue.

1) how do I know what version I now have?

2) I see that drivers are available on this web site- so do you suggest updating the latest driver, even if the driver isn't what's causing the MS update problem?

3) the following web page which Google found me:!4343!3!48175206103!p!!g!!amd&ef_


is that a legitimate source for AMD drivers? Is it run by AMD? Is it part of this forum? (when I try to copy and past that link- it turns into just text- so I first pasted it into Notepad, then copied from there to past here)

4) Is it really likely that an outdated video driver is the source of  my MS update problem that I noted above- that is, the very slow functioning of the computer, especially opening windows, starting anything, etc.?

5) if that web page noted above in item 3 is the way to go- this is a safe system for updating the driver? I'd hate to have the system go bonkers.