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ATI Radeon 6970HD display driver not responding

Question asked by slinkee on Sep 14, 2015

Hi Guys,


I have been having a problem ever since i bought this card. I managed to find a fix and have been using this fix for the past 3 years but the card just never performed the way it should. I downloaded MSI afterburner and set the core clock to 800mhz and the memory clock to 1300mhz and this seems to fix the crashing of the display driver. My current setup is not overclocked and neither is my card. If i load up any game, be it CSGO to Far Cry 4 it crashes before i use msi afterburner, however things feel sluggish. I can see just before the crash is about to happen as i see like purple and green tears across the screen and 2 seconds later it crashes. I haven't tried to up the voltage of my cpu as i'm not sure what it needs to be. (Never dabbled with overclocking and don't want to fry my hardware). I have RMA'd the card twice already and realized that it cant be 3 faulty units in a row.


Default card speeds:


Core Clock: 890mhz

Memory Clock: 1375mhz


Current Speeds with MSI Afterburner


Core Clock: 800mhz

Memory Clock: 1300mhz


My current setup is:


i7-2600k 3.4ghz

8GB DDR 1600mhz

128gb SSD


Gigabyte Radeon 6970HD 2GB

24" Samsung Monitor


Any help would be greatly appreciated