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Optimize my r9 380 dual-x 2g

Question asked by sizeur on Sep 14, 2015



I just bought a new pc with the configuration below. But i cannot play the witcher 3 with high graphism (not ultra) without some small lags in the videos (ingame its fine).

I have downloaded all the drivers but still, i am wondering if it is normal and i wonder what kind of optimizations i can do.


Here is my configuration:



  • CPU AMD FX 8320 Black Edition (8-Core - 3.5 GHz / 4 GHz Turbo Core - Cache 8 Mo - HT3 5.2GT/s)








  • 12 Go RAM type DDR3-SDRAM PC3-12800 (1600 MHz)



  • Hard drive 1 To 7200 tpm