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AHCI for Radeon R7 SSD on AMD sata chipset laptop------- NO AHCI!!!!

Question asked by bauer__jack on Sep 13, 2015

I have put in an amd radeon r7 ssd 240gb into my hp envy 15-j084ca laptop, and on 'ssd guru' it says that ahci is not enabled. there is no option for it in bios. there is the option for uefi vs legacy mode, and if uefi mode then there is an option for secure vs non secure boot- tried installing windows 10 with both of these and it made no difference. tried regedit setting iastorv to 0 and also the error control to 0. tried downloading amd chipset drivers from here:

this is my laptop:

only modification made is the ssd for the hdd.

my system is lagging and I think its due to ahci not being supported.

thanks for any guidance!!




Motherboard Model:                                                              Hewlett-Packard 198A

Motherboard Chipset:                                                            AMD A76M (Bolton-M3)