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cant get 3rd monitor to work unless I turn off crossfire

Question asked by gepa on Sep 13, 2015

I have 2 HD6750 1gb cards and I got 3 matching monitors I can only get the 3rd monitor to work when I turn off crossfire which defeats the purpose of it.


each card has 2 DVI slots an HDMI slot and that display port slot all my cables are DVI to HDMI or display port to HDMI or just a HDMI cable. do I need an active displayport adaptor to get this to work?


I have tried DVI HDMI & display port only runs 2 monitors

I have tried DVI DVI & display port only runs 2 monitors

when I turn off cross fire I can run three using DVI DVI on 1 card and display port of the other or DVI HDMI on 1 card display port on other.