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    Windows 10 ruined HD 7870's ability to A) send sound to one attached HDTV and B) simultaneously handle one of my monitors and a different HDTV


      Setup: 1 monitor attached to DVI

      1 monitor attached to mini displayport

      1 HDTV attached to mini displayport

      1 HDTV attached to HDMI


      Under Win8.1, I had no problem running any combination of these 4, and I saw both HDTVs as audio devices. Now I am incapable of sending sound to the HDTV attached via mini displayport, and I am also unable to send anything (audio or video) to the HDMI HDTV if I have the mini displayport monitor attached (only the other 3 displays show up as desktop options, and clicking detect says no more can be found). Anyone have any suggestions? I already screwed up my ability to downgrade back to Win8.1 by resetting Windows post-update = /