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Problem xfiring 390x with 3 290xs

Question asked by steveromo19 on Sep 13, 2015

Hello all,


Basically here's my situation. I just bought a 390x to quad fire with my 3 290x's. All cards are at stock clocks, plugged in to my board and getting power. After several uninstalls and installs of the latest beta drivers (uninstalling via control panel and using driver cleaner in safemode per the amd support site) and even reverting back to 15.7 the Catalyst Control Center ONLY detects 3 gpus. It detects the 390x and 2 290xs. I see in the installation log of the drivers that it recognizes there are other devices present but says it has failed to install drivers to them.  I'm at a loss of what do to. Anyone have any ideas? Computer specs below:


Windows 10 64 bit

Stormtrooper case

EVGA 1600W gold psu

Gigabyte x99 UD4 motherboard

I7 5930k @3.5ghz

H100i cooler

16gb ddr4 ram (forget brand at moment)

1x390x and 3x290x in xfire


Any help would be appreciated,