Rumor: AMD Zen delayed till Q4 2016

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This is just a rumor, and it does come from DigiTimes, who reported AMD sold a 20% stake to some company earlier in the week and is in talks with Microsoft to sell out, so take it with a grain of salt. Everything I've heard until now said that AMD was still partnered with Samsung to make their 14nm chips, not GlobalFoundries. But say this is true and we don't get the AM4 platform until October 2016, is that such a bad thing? In my opinion it's not, because of several reasons:


1) Intel Skylake and their successor won't hit mass quantities until 2016.

2) The much vaunted DirectX 12 is supposed to really boost performance in cases where a powerful GPU is tethered to a weak CPU, like AMD.

3) Variable frame rate technologies mean a much lower frame rate is required for smooth gaming experiences.

4) An Intel setup is more expensive than an AMD setup.

5) DDR4 is still young, and has even prompted AsRock to release motherboards with both DDR3 and DDR4 slots for Skylake processors.

6) Intel takes massive losses in their mobile division to keep OEMs from using AMD products, so AMD can't gain any traction in mobile markets.

7) Gaming at resolutions of UHD and 4K is currently GPU bound, and that will not change until AMD and nVidia release their new cards in 2016, possibly even later.

8) PC gaming is still declining while console gaming is gaining, and AMD makes the chips in both the XBONE & PS4.

9) HPC tasks are GPU based now, and HPCs use IBM CPUs primarily.

10) And the most important reason: All the people who got the free upgrade to Windows 10 OEM will have to talk to Microsoft when they change their motherboard and hope they authorize the change and don't tell them to go pay $200 for a retail license.


Honestly I'd love to have Zen tomorrow, but you're talking about a $400 investment, if not more, between CPU, motherboard, and RAM, and that's not exactly the kind of funds I have just burning a hole in my pocket.


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