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After a moment of playing a game, my pc starts stuttering, it isn't a temp problem or a requirement problem. And this problem didn't happen before. It have been happening since months

Question asked by lizzardious on Sep 12, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2015 by lizzardious

My pc has good specs i think:

Gpu: Radeon r9 270x

Cpu: Fx 8350
Psu: Thermaltake 650w

Motherb: M5a97 Evo r2.0
Ram: Corsair v. 16gb 1600Mhz

HDD: 2Tb

All my drivers are actualizes.


I don't know why is this occurs, because in games that need low specs like Batman Arkham Asylum my pc starts well and then it starts stuttering and the sound too, and in games that need so much more power like Crysis 3, it runs wonderfully. Obvious both games in max specs or in very high.


Pd: My cpu and gpu temps don´t pass the 60 celsius.


Please, help me, I resorted to you because i couldn't find the solution on the whole internet, and this problem is very annoying 'cause I cannot play games like all the Arkham's Batman (Asylum, City and Origins), Devil May Cry, Spec Ops The Line, and others, games that ran perfectly before. I think it could be a Directx problem, but I'm not sure cause it didn't happen before. My pc is already clean and everything looks to be okay, but that problem really annoys me
Help please, and thank you very much.