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Wireless Display

Question asked by howardc on Sep 12, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2015 by qnzaaron

I have been trying to enable the AMD wireless display technology on my desktop PC.  I have a MSI motherboard with a A10-7870 APU running Windows 10.   As far as I can tell, I have the AMD wireless display technology.

I also has a laptop that works with a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter (MWDA) without any issue.  However, I just can't seem to be able get my AMD APU equipped desktop PC to discover the MWDA.  The WiFi network adapter I used on the desktop is "Netgear WNDA4100 N900 WiFi dual band USB adapter".   I can connected to my wireless router and even saw my neighbor's Ruko 3, but NOT my MWDA even I have the desktop PC sitting 5 ft in front of the TV.  Can someone please give me some directions to trouble shot this problem?  


Appreciate the advise in advance.