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    HD 4670 and 970 series




      I have an old HD4670 card. I bought a new motherboard and CPU. Gigabyte 970A-UD3P and FX 6300. I installed the a legacy driver (13.9) and it is show no video options. Only the FX6300 freq changable. No desktop and color management, no overdrive. Even the Information tab is missing.


      Then I installed the chipset driver from Gigabyte CD. Same results. I tried install the latest 15.7 driver. Same results. In Windows device manager everything is OK. Win Aero works for example. I downloaded the AMD OverDrive.



      Looks like no PCIe card installed. The interesting thing is that when I start play games (Diablo 3, World of Tanks, etc.) everything is OK. I have got fair FPS rate, good performance in 1080p.


      Is there a solution? How can I get back a working CCC? Is HD 4670 compatible with this set?

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          First thing I would do is check Device Manager for any unknown or missing driver devices.

          You may also want to check the BIOS to see if PCI-E graphics are enabled.

          These would be the first two places that it probably is happening.


          If you check these and it's still not working please reply and I'll be happy to help troubleshoot further.

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              I have checked the UEFI settings and I did not find any option for PCI. This motherboard has not got any built in graphics processor. I think this option would be useless
              I also checked the device manager.





              Working properly... not sure




              These "Unknown" titles are realy wierd. When I installed the official CCC driver, the screen turned black for a second as usual. Then the Windows pop up a notification of installing a new device. I clicked on it and I saw it is downloading a 19Mb driver. Both install end without error (CCC and Windows driver). These unknowns are wierd because the Windows and AMD driver is a "certificated" driver.


              If You need any further information please tell me. I really want to deal with this problem.

              Thank you


              Detailed information of my PC:

              AMD FX 6300

              GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket AM3+ - GA-970A-UD3P (rev. 2.0)

              SAPPHIRE Technology

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                  First off, the first file that you show Unknowns for won't have anything since it's an XML file.

                  The DLLs and EXEs though should have some information there.

                  But take a look at that driver date - that's a stock Windows 7 driver.  ATI Driver would be from 2013 and have a MUCH higher driver version.

                  That means you don't have a compatible driver installed to work with CCC.


                  Try finding the correct version from here and see if this gets it going.

                  ATI Radeon™ 4000 Series Drivers


                  When you can: Please consider upgrading this.  With it being 4 years older than your CPU it should be the first thing on the upgrade list.

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                      I am planing to buy a new card ASAP. It is the first and the last thing in my list I run out of money for now   (Please offer me a good card for 110EUR. HD movies, softcore gaming, CAD/CAM)

                      I solved the problem.


                      -Clean install Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

                      -Plug out the LAN cable (just for safety)

                      -Download and install Catalyst 13.9 legacy

                      -Do not install any other AMD software.



                      I did not install the 970 chipset driver but everything is run perfectly. I have both CPU and GPU settings. You linked this: ATI Radeon™ 4000 Series Drivers

                      This shows Windows 8 drivers for this card. Any source wrote this card not compatible 8 or 8.1 due lack of WDDM support. (HD 4670 only support 1.1, Win8 needs 1.2)

                      Which is true?