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Win 10 and Crossfire

Question asked by kheelo on Sep 13, 2015

     Problem is when i start my PC the second card doesn't shut down. That means extra 50W, extra noise and heat.

If I disable > enable crossfire in CCC then it shuts down, but sometimes randomly starts up again at some point.


      Also with some games the game profiles don't seem to work. I can disable CF in game profile but it will still run 2 cards.

(rFactor2, Asseto Corsa, LoL. While in GTAV it works fine...) Worked fine on Win7 with all games.



Processor: 4770k

Motherboard: Gigabyte Z87X-D3H

GPUs: Gigabyte 280x (GV-R928XWF3-3GD rev. 1.0)

Win10 Home 64bit

Drivers: 15.7.1 or 15.8, doesn't matter.


Has anyone experienced similar things? Any pointers? Thx.