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R9 295x2 Overheating

Question asked by lenrawr on Sep 13, 2015

I have been having this recurring issue where my computer shuts off and starts flashing. When I put my hand near my radiator for my x2 its pretty hot. I've opened it up and touched it a few times and the thing is hot to the touch. I don't have anything to actually monitor it's temperature. Everything I've downloaded to monitor it doesn't pick it up. I'm currently running an AMD 9590 eight core, one r9 295 x2, and an xfx 1000w. All on an MSI 970. I also run dual screens. One is a Dell 4k 24" monitor and the other is an Asus 1920x1080 24". I normally play games on the Dell and watch youtube or twitch on the other one. But if I do both for too long my pc shuts off even if I'm not playing a very high res game.