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    Great AMD products in poorly designed laptops.


      I have been the proud owner of two AMD laptops.

      The first of which was a Compaq AMD Athlon 2X2 2.1 with an HD Radeon 4200 embedded graphics .

      I found that the reviews for this to be correct in saying that it would handle moderate to light gaming , ergo W.o.W and Mech Warrior 4 as well as C.O.D 1&2.

      The second , which is also my current for which I am currently posting this thread.. is a Samsung Series 3 with the A8 A.P.U. which also does well for light to moderate gaming.

      With the exception that both of these processors are placed in cases with poor ventilation or as in the case with the Compaq , the fan was in adequate, which was solved by using an external cooling pad and I was able to game continuously for hours with nary a glitch in my giddy-up whilst playing W.o.W...

      Now my Samsung is a different story, there is one small intake port for air under the laptop which an external cooling pad has basically no effect, I am quite certain that the A8 performs as stated by many of the reviews where it was placed in other brand laptops.

      I wonder how many manufactures short sell A.M.D. products by intentionally placing them inside cabinets or laptops where they are made to look as though it doesn't perform as expected in trying to get consumers to buy the more expensive Intel based laptops/ desktops.

      Also is there anyway to pass this along to the respective personnel at A.M.D to have them look at this?.

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          People are willing to pay more for Intel. In order for them to sell Laptop with AMD APU/CPU they have to put them in cheaper models. I too have been looking for a nice AMD laptop bu they are hard to find.

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              I have the same frustration. A couple issues here:


              By allowing partners to continue this practice, AMD will never be able to shake the perception that they only belong in "value" (I hate this term, because I find no value in a poorly-made laptop) notebooks.


              Secondly, partners have little reason to push AMD laptops since their competitors provide higher margin from more expensive models.


              We have yet to see a single laptop with Freesync included.


              I think AMD would have better success if they simply designed a very solid reference laptop and then offered it to partners for resale. At least that sets the bar at a reasonable level for quality. Then, if partners wanted to release other designs, it should be subject to AMD approval so as to not fall below the standard of quality set by the AMD reference design.


              I'd be really curious to hear from management why this wouldn't be workable.

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                  I also am in support od A.M.D producing a few models under their own banner , if not a full laptop then perhaps a tablet , that would feature both Android and Microsoft O.S.

                  As far as the gaming parameters are concerned the base C.P.U does this handly the only detraction is the heat dissipation.

                  Considering that my desktop has a Radeon 3600 series at 600mhz core clock speed and easily handles most games up to Battlefield 4 with graphics set to medium and the A8 has a 650mhz which should be able to do the same thing which it does ...as stated it cant because of a poorly designed case with little or no adequate heat dissipation.