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    9730 overheating at idle (80° C)


      Hello AMD community,

      first i want to apologize for my bad english and sorry if this is the wrong place on this forum (I'm new here).

      I've build some PCs already, but now I've build one for a friend, and i was confident that I'd be easy but his CPU is idleing at around 82° C and the screen is freezing after around 10 seconds on the desktop. (Only thing that can be done is to hold the power button).

      [spoiler=Hardware Specs]

      • AMD Fx 9730 (4.4 Ghz)
      • AsRock 990FX Extreme 3
      • Level 10 GT (Used the prebuild watercooling with the GPU obviously)
      • HyperX Beast 2x8 gb RAM 1866 MHz
      • R9 280X
      • 120 GB SSD
      • 1 TB HDD
      • 650 W PSU (Corsair CS650)



      I've used this grey paste (Moderate use, not to much), water is in the loop, it's flowing, the radiator fans are spinning.


      What could I do? Or what part should I try to fix/replace.


      Thank you in advance.

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          as far as the heat issue its simply a misreading or faulty cooler / seating job . the asrock 990fx extreme 3 doesn't have the power phase to power any 9xxx series cpu . on asrocks website it states a 125 watt tdp cpu can be used and that's with a top mounted blowing down fan to help cool its power phase . the 9xxx series cpu use over 200 watts tdp and that mobo doesn't support that power requirement . the asrock 990fx extreme 9 has a 12 x 2 power phase and easily handles 9xxx series cpu . I use one myself with a fx 9590

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            In addition to the mobo not being suitable for the CPU, the cooler is definitely not functioning properly if you have a true 82C CPU temp at idle. That is why it's shutting down as ~70C is the max normal operating temp for the CPU. Even if you fix the cooling the mobo CPU power supply will not be able to power the CPU properly and will literally burn up. You need a mobo that is certified to run the FX-9000 series CPUs which have a 220W minimum requirement. A top of the line tower cooler properly installed will also cool the CPU. The Asrock 990FX Extreme mobo is a properly designed, quality mobo for the application as noted by t77chevy.

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              The CPU you are using needs and extreme cooler in addition to a suitable motherboard.


              I use the Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo but now there is an even bigger 612 to cool a CPU.


              I use Arctic MX-4 which is better then the supplied pads etc