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    Obstinate drivers MSI RADEON 7870 HD Black Artifacts.


      Hey, i have reealy bad problem with my graphic card.

      i wanted update my drivers from 14.7 RC to 15.7.1, but after instalationand restart pc, on my deskopt appears black afticats, it really frustrating problem.

      i read lots of guids and i used all common tips, but drivers still doesn't work.


      What i did do?


      The uninstallation process:

      1. I uninstaled drvers in Programs (Windows Control Panel)

      2.In safe mode with help Display Driver Uninstaler i delete  the entire contents associated with AMD/ATI.

      3. I removed all folders ATI/AMD from the hard disk.

      4. To be  sure , in Driver Cleaner Pro i delete  the entire contents associated with AMD/ATI.

      5. In the Regedit Registry i removed the entire contents associated with AMD/ATI. (according to this guide: How To: Remove Your AMD / ATi GPU Drivers )

      6. I cleaned disk in Ccleaner.

      7.I emptied bin and restarted PC.


      The instalation process:

      1. I run the installer, all work good.

      2. Instalation complete, restart.

      3. Bum! On deskopt appers  artifacts!


      I tried with other drivers, but still this same.


      At some point i decided to restore system.

      I did it, i restore the  drivers before all the "fun", but windows restore me really  old drivers -8.0 version (something like that)  But before i had 14.7 RC3 version. It;s so strange.

      Most importantly, they work. (at 8.0v) Any artifacts or something ****





      My specification:



      MSI Frozen III Radeon 7870 HD   MSI (1462)  (MSI HD 7870 Twin Frozr III OC | techPowerUp GPU Database



      Power Supply: XFX  PRO 450W

      WIndows 7 64 bit service pack 1

      Intel Core i5 3330 3,0 Ghz

      BIOS Version

      Current driver version: 14.200.1004.0 Beta

      Mother board: Asrock b75 pro 3-m


      To add: when i switch off drivers in task Manager, artifacts disappear