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My laptop with windows 10 does not recongize my amd mobility radeon hd 5000 series, please help me

Question asked by bpereiraf on Sep 12, 2015



I recently upgrade my HP_PAVILION_DM4 for the windows 10 SO. I manage to install all the drivers but the Amd Radeon it is not workng properly. The computer is using intel graphics and not the amd radeon, as it is possible to see in the image bellow:


Now, the strange thing is that if I go to the device manager it seems that the radeon was reconized, lookk the image:


I have installed the catalyst center, and it loks ike that is working, but my computer is clearly not using the graphic adapter from amd , because I am trying to play some really low graphs games and it is just terrible. With my windows 7 i could play skyrim with no problem at all.