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Is there a FM2+  board in size MATX with DisplayPort 1.2 avail. that supports UHD resolution @60Hz ? (A10-7870K as CPU)

Question asked by weernermueller on Sep 12, 2015

I'll upgrade my PC to enable to connect a 4K display. It's not for gaming, i need space on desktop. I did a quick search on web-sites of some well known mainboard manufacturer, but seem's that no one have a board in size of MATX with DP 1.2 available to drive a 40" monitor at UHD resolution at 60Hz. There is one board from msi with FM2+ and DP, but the specs say that DP supports up to 24Hz only.

I know that the CPU have to support that resolution as well, but the planned A10-7870K will AFAIK do it.