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    Help Immediately AMD GPU clock tool


      I used the wrong clock tool to mess with my graphics card and i want to fix it before it damages the card can i uninstall my card would that put the overclocked back at default for the card high performance for the hd radeon 5450 max for high performance gpu clock settings is 845 Mhz

      and and high performance memory clock settings max is 585 mhz

      this is off because i used the wrong clock tool can someone give me the right clock settings so i can set it via engine and memory clocks so i can fix this

      if you see the core and memory is wrong i changed it again with the amd gpu clock tool for hd 5870 since the tool that might support the hd radeon 5450 wouldn't work due to wouldn't detect my device at all please some help would be appreciated at the current setting right now no flickering anymore but im not sure if i should play any games at this moment due to this otherwise it might damage it