Clean install of Windows 10 build 10532 fixed video_tdr_failure with my Radeon HD 4800!

Discussion created by tom_s on Sep 11, 2015
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I felt compelled to write this after just now fixing a week of frustration and finding others with the same frustration.  There a many similar posts without an answer so I hope you all read this.


The short answer to all those who have 'legacy' Radeon GPU is to do a clean install of Windows 10 build 10532 (or I guess newer as this post ages).  This was my very last choice but I ended up doing it because other drivers were also failing and the months of technical previews must have dirtied the system.




The long story might help others understand what I tried so what to skip.  I spent many days troubleshooting BSOD from video_tdr_failure.  Then on Aug 9 I thought I had fixed it ...


But no.  Within a few hours tdr_failures occurred again repeatedly.  So I tried what others wrote about ... creating TdrDelay = 20 and TdrLevel = 0 registry entries.  All that did was prevent Windows from automatically rebooting.  Only to fail again and reboot.  In an cycle that ended with windows giving up with Advanced Troubleshooting screen.


I was determined not to settle for AMD's 7/1/2015 driver's 1280x1024 highest option on my wonderful 27" 1920x1080, i7, SSD, Radeon HD 4800 machine.


So I thought perhaps the 1920x1080 was too much for the cobbled together windows tech preview and slew of drivers.  So I tried 1776x1000 but still tdr failure.  Then dropped to 1680x1050 but still tdr failure.  then 1440x900 and some stability.


I turned off Cleartype Text at the higher resolutions but still tdr failure.


Finally when I couldn't take the 1440 resolution and knowing that the tech preview builds had junked up the OS and knowing that my audio driver was also clobbered.  I decided to take the plunge by clean installing windows 10 latest build.


I'm glad I did.  It's been stable all day.  No video_tdr_failure so far.  1920x1080 resolution.  Windows is using AMD's Jan 2015 driver.  That driver allows HDMI sound through my monitor.  I also got my native external speaker audio to work again.  So many things were fixed with this clean install.


Hope this helps others.