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bad/weak power supply or bad graphics card??

Question asked by lemons95 on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2015 by dancer42

I have a xion 850 watt PSU.
a asus P5E3 deuluxe
a core 2 quad qx6850


I use to run two 5850's in crossfire which was suppose to use similar power to the 290x that I bought recently.


I got the r9 290x for good deal.  It was even cheaper than a r9 380.


I'm hoping it's the power supply, I don't want to have to return my 290x... since it was such a good deal from newegg.


can you guys walk me through how I should diagnose it? is there any test I can run. Any program that shows that the graphics card loses power before it crashes?

I can watch videos, browse the web and do normal computer stuff for days without shutting the computer down.   it's when I start playing games that it crashes... games like metro last light, works fine if I leave it on high settings. Once I put it on ultra it crashes though.

I thought it might be windows 10, I went back to windows 7 and it does the same stuff...