R9 Nano: Q&A with Victor Camardo

Discussion created by erin.maiorino Employee on Sep 10, 2015
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Hello Everyone  -


We are ready for your AMD Radeon R9 Nano questions for product manager, Victor Camardo. Please keep in mind this thread will be open for two hours (2PM - 4PM CT). After the session is complete, we will compile all your questions and give them to Victor to answer. You can expect your on-topic Nano questions to be answered in this thread in approximately 24 hours. We can't guarantee all questions will be answered, but we'll do our best!


Post away!



EDIT 9/10 @ 4:05PM: Thank you for all the great questions! They will be answered in 24 hours.


EDIT 9/11 @5:05PM: You can find Victor's answers to your questions below. Look for another Q&A next month!