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Installed 15.7 but nothing happened.

Question asked by scanman on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2015 by dancer42

Running Radeon HD6770 in an HP DV7 6163cl  Laptop. Dual GPU's  Intel & AMD.  Lot's of atikmpag.sys  BSOD errors.  So attempted to install 15.7.

System had Catalyst you could switch graphics mode.

Removed AMD install Mgr.

Downloaded & Run install went thru the menus but Catalyst did not install any programs. Catalyst not listed under programs. For the size of download it seemed install very fast . The driver listed under the Radeon HD6770 is old.   Should not there be a Catalyst menu under programs to allow switching between AMD and Intel GPU's?

Under Device Mgr for the AMD driver what should the version number be? How do you know 15.7 installed OK?