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black screen to blank

Question asked by ihaveaproblem on Sep 10, 2015
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During the download of my video drivers the screen goes black with a couple green bars, then my tv doesnt detect my pc. Whenever I reset the computer, I get the windows logo and then the black screen with a couple green bars, then my tv no longer detects my pc. I tried many things yet nothing seems to be working. The only time I can download the drivers is when I download them in safe mode, which still results in my pc not being detected whenever i boot up in normal mode. I tried updating my BIOS, but that results in ablack screen when it resets after downloading and then goes back to the previous version after I reset it again. Ive used the autodetect utility and ive downloaded it manually and I downloaded it by clicking the microsoft display adapter and clicking manual download. im at a loss of what to do.

Windows 8.1 64bit

Intel pentium cpu 3.2ghz

Asrock h97m pro4 motherboardAmd radeon r9 290

Evga supernova 750b2

Ballistix 2-4gb sport

Western digital caviar blue

Please help if you can if you need more info then feel free to ask.