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freesync questions

Question asked by chunwingshek on Sep 10, 2015



Just brought a ASUS MG279Q and have some questions about Freesync

the screen working Freesync range is 35-90hz


the only way I can get Freesync to work,

is setting monitor refresh rate inside windows to 90hz

and in the games I play I need to cap FPS to 90

is this how it supposed to work?

I have to keep windows refresh rate at 90hz?


Let just say I have a game that runs in the 80-100FPS range

I can't have the monitor turn on/off free sync when it's in range?


also if the game doesn't have the option to cap FPS

is it possible to turn on Freesync?


been trying to get Metal Gear:TPP to work

but the only options in that game has is 30 and auto (which I think they say it's capped at 60)

but auto doesn't seem to work with freesync


I do see there's a option in AMD CCC to cap frames

but heard it only affect DX10 and higher games?

shouldn't that make all affected games work?


any recommendations of how I should set my PC?


thanks for any help!!!