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    Whana see some Badass Computer and Game Stuff? Check this out!


      My YouTube Channel "TheGamesWePlay" ---> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCawOzTZhmjvtGlbD0fN94DA Is about every thing computer related. its game aspect covers funny and awesome moments in games but it also covers un-boxing, reviews, instructional videos, custom builds like my "Redneck PC" which was made out of door molding and extra PC parts laying around any many other fun projects i have done as well as have planned. i have had it for just over a year now and have uploaded 115 videos all recorded and edited myself. Like i said its still small as I'm just about to hit 50 subscribers and would greatly appreciate if you took a look at some of the videos. you may very well enjoy and if so, drop a sub and if not thanks for the consideration.


      Here is an example of what i upload all the time

      RedNeck Build

      Redneck Test Run

      My Last Big Computer Update

      One Of My Popular Instructional Videos

      The Type Of Chaos We Setup