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CCC and MOM devouring virtual memory. XP, Radeon Express 200 Series

Question asked by billypilgrim on Sep 9, 2015

This just started happening after 10+ years of use


Driver is ATI RADEON EXPRES 200 Series (HP 23xi), Device ID 2A26, 256 MB Memory, BIOS date 7/19/2005

Driver Versions: all 6.14.10.nnnn.  CCC Version: 2008.0512.1133.18639


I use Process Explorer (glorified Task Manager) and both process show up highlighted yellow.

CCC is using 4444K Ram and 211.628K Virtual.  MOM, 4732 and 136,744. 

This may not seem like much but they're the 7th and 13th biggest virtual memory process, just under explorer.exe. 

I killed CCC.exe several times manually from Process Explorer, but can't find anything in msconfig that starts it under either processes or services, so It's always running at startup.


I'm not a gamer, I almost never use the process.  Just want it to stop eating virtual memory.


Help appreciated.