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Only 60HZ is available (also problem with custom resolution)

Question asked by cbasd on Sep 9, 2015



Sorry for any grammar mistakes, but ill do my best to not fail.


I owned HD7770 year ago and I got problem, because I cant set refresh rate @ 75 hz on lower resolutions. I mean resolutions like 1360x960, 1280x1024 etc. Literally every resolution below 1680x1050.

Before HD7770 I had 9800gt (which "died"), and I could set own resolution and refresh rate, which I wanted. Of course couldnt set more than 75 hz, but still I could do it without any problems. Nvidia's software was really friendly.


Is there any chance to set own refresh rate ? Any "external" software ? Im really dissapointed so far


Got windows xp and 14.4 drivers.