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Difference between HD 6570 and HD 7500 - Any advantage to switch?

Question asked by rudysalci on Sep 9, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2015 by dancer42

I have a Dell Desktop XPS 8500 that came with an HD 7500 card with 1 GB memory.  Recently I installed Windows 10.  Computer RAM is 16 GB.

The computer is mainly used for video editing.


A couple of years ago I bought an HD 6570 with 2 GB of memory but never installed it. 

My questions are: 


1. Would I gain by switching the cards?  Does the 6570 fit exactly into the older 7500 slot mechanically and electrically (cables, etc)?

2. Is the installation of the 6570 a plug and play?  Do I need to go into the BIOS?


Since I don't want any downtime fixing things I want to make sure I'm tackling an easy task before attempting to modify this computer.


Thanks for your help!